The swimming pool

The pool and the view

If the terrace is the heart of the house, the swimming pool is the heart of the property. As soon as whether permits ( usually between May and October) the pools welcomes the swimmers. But any atime of the year, the beaches are a very nice place to improve one’s sun tan, enjoy the wonderful view , play outdoor games or just sip a drink in the shade of the canopy beside the cabanon.

The pool

The pool is 10 meters long and 5 meters wide. It has an infinity pool design which enables the water not to be polluted by tree needles and allow the swimmers to enjoy the view even when swimming. The pool has two areas a large shallow zone is reserved to Young swimmers. It is accessed through stairs that run along the whole pool width to reduce the risk of someone falling in too deep water. The deep zone is 1,8m deep which allows all kinds of dives. The pool is decorated with the lizard which is the emblem of the property. The water filtering system is salt based. Water does not dry the skin and does not sting the eyes. swimmers can spend a whole day in the pool and open their eyes in the water without problem.

The beaches

The beaches are divided into three areas. Along the length of the pool is dedicated to the many  deck chairs of the sun addicts. Closer to the entrance, a large open space is perfect for outdoor sports. and last but not least, those who fair the direct sunlight can laze the day away under the canopy.

The area is enclosed by walls and a gate than can be locked for safety. The pool as an alarm to avoid unwished dives. But of course, it is more than highly recommended that a responsible adult is here when children are present.

The pool in the evening

In the evening, the light often is of exceptional quality. And the attractiveness of the place does not stop with dusk. Lighting has been designed to make it a wonderful place for nightlife, games and dancing. And night dives are a very nice occupation.

Afternoon light

Ready for a night dive

Teh pool seen from the water level

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