History of the house

Pegomas coat of armsPégomas name appears for the first time in 1130 when the counts of Toulouse sell the “Pégomacio” area to the monks of Lérins’ Abbey. The plain of the Siagne has been an unhealthy swamp for centuries and houses were therefore limited to the hills overlooking the valley.

In 1808, a major flood opened a gap on the seafront, allowing the Siagne to freely flow to the sea, releasing the alluvial land suitable for agriculture with a  salubrious climate. Population then grew among prosperous fields. The existence of the house has been documented since 1802. It is therefore in all likelihood, one of the oldest in the village.

The old wellThe choice of its location has been carefully planned. In this country, water is a precious commodity. The house is located just near the well. This well was redesigned in successive extensions especially when creating the petanque ground, but it is still there.

Originally, the house was probably a modest cottage, consisting of a room that became the traveler’s room and an attic, that became the belle chambre bedroom. In the nineteenth century, the house grew and became what was then called a campaign i.e. a mansion belonging to a wealthy urban important person.

The house in the 19th centuryAt that time, the property stretched from the top of the hill to the main road and the stream of Mourachonne. The main crop of the period was the flower, the main raw material of  Grasse’s perfume industry. One can still see the remains of the former irrigation systems on the ground. On the southern slope of the hill, jasmine  was cultivated while Roses were on the north side . Some farmers in Pegomas still cultivate a special variety of rose, used in perfumery, in particular in Chanel’sNo. 5 .

Aerial view of the property in the 50sAround 1950, the cultivation of the flower dwindled. The house was purchased by a family who built the terrace and the big room and planted a large part of the 500 trees that make the property so nice today.

The current owners have built the pool and carried out the renovations that were necessary to allow the house to offer high quality services whilst retaining its authentic atmosphere.

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